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Feb. 22nd, 2008 | 10:00 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished
posted by: booboobunnygirl in girlfurrywknd

SO I know some of you are aware of my IDEA for this but I am putting it into action. GIRL FURRY WEEKEND 2008. Now, its gonna be really small to start, because I live in a tiny apartment and I can only have a few people coming. So we are inviting a few people into the community, not cause I want to be elitist, but because seriously I only have a very small about of SPACE. If maybe I get a lot of people really enjoying this I can expand it more and more little by little. BUT YEAH GETTING ON WITH THE GOODS. Its for the weekend of March 15th-16th 2008. I will be slowly planning some stuff for us to do in the coming week, suggestions are welcome, also please feel free to post here if you are a member of the community, just please friends lock it. THANKS!

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